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Andy Roddick lost!!!

At least his post-match interview was cute. I think somebody should punch Federer. It's just annoying. He's as passionless as Pete Sampras. Yeah yeah, they're brilliant players, but they're ROBOTS.


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he's not passionless!!

It's hidden. He's just calm and collected. You got to see how he was 3 yrs ago when he was a bit more angsty and all.


well at least he cried a little when he won. ("I'm an amazing tennis player! WAAAH!")

I read it here first!! Mind you, I knew Roger would win. He's unbeatable at the moment.
He only appears passionless I'm sure. Underneath he's probably churning.
How often have people told you after a solo performance that you looked calm and confident?

Re: Once again...

twoo twoo...

YAY, i've become the Gran News Blog!!


oooh i see you're from ascension too! *grins

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