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The wedding went well!!

Pictures and summary to come soon, I think. (As soon as the pictures come.)

Now I can take the strappy white heels off, unzip the dress and BREATHE for the first time since breakfast!

Oh, and now maybe I can eat.


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No hobbity foods? No gobbling the goodies? Bah!! What else are weddings for?

loonkin pwitty? :P

Re: Whatt!!??

*g* oh. right. that thought never occurred to me.....honestly.I got married in my Mum's backyard. No frills.

yeah, honestly i was a tiny bit disappointed with the food... mostly acos all the good stuff was gone by the time i managed to start loonkin... so all i managed was a bit of icecream. yay!



Re: Grats nazwaz!


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