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Live telly commentary
It must be hard trying to keep talking all the time when there's really not much to say.

Wimbledon commentator, going into a break: "We'll be back... When we return!"

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I wanted to watch Lleyton last night, but I had to go to sleep.

He was such a patootiehead!!!! He's got such a bad attitude. He yelled at the umpire and got all snotty... to the point where Taylor Dent had to tell the ump to be a man and not let Hewitt intimidate him. It was mad!

I recognise that umpire. We've had him here for the Open. He can be indecisive to say the least.
But you're right about Lleyton's attitude. It used to make me angry, but I realise it's just him, and what it takes for him to get to the top. He is focussed on himself during a game, and cannot see any other point of view.

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