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Who woulda thunk?!
So I was surfing the 'net, looking at random recipes because I am utterly in love with my new combination microwave/ convection oven/ grill... and aside from finding really delicious-sounding recipes for biscuits and pies and cakes and whatnot, guess what I found out?

Lard is healthier than butter.

It has a few more calories per tablespoon, but it has less saturated (bad) fat and more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated (good... well, better) fat. It also makes the flakiest biscuits and pie crusts. Woo hooo!!

It also makes the best fat for frying, or a half-half lard/butter mix, apparently. I'm so tempted to go out and buy a big tub of lard and make some southern fried chicken. Mmmm MMMM!!!

In other news: I have an exam tomorrow at 1pm, and I haven't started studying yet, and now it's nearly 10:45pm and I can't be bothered. ARGH. Having too much fun surfing cooking websites....

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you can't have it. NYAAA NYAAA NYAAAAAAA.


Is that one of those 'the american scientists recently proved that...' sort of thing? I wouldn't trust them with holding a stick, much less with making my food...

acksherly, no. it's been recognized by most nutritionists for awhile now... just that lard got a bad rap simply because it's a meat fat, and everyone assumed that everything vegetable or non-meat was automatically 'healthier' in the Eighties. Plus, there's the social stigma of lard being the "poor man's fat", especially in Anglo societies where beef is the meat of choice, not pork. Whole bunch of reasons, but lard has a reputation worse than it deserves. :o)


I still don't use either butter nor lard to fry things, just oil. And I wouldn't put lard on my sandwich because of the taste. So even if I weren't a fisharian, I wouldn't eat it. Yew cna't make mee!

i've never used lard either. but after reading that it makes the best pastries and deep-frying, i may start experimenting soon. i've never even used butter for deep fat frying simply because vegetable oil or soybean oil is cheaper and easier to use (higher smoke point). I use butter with olive oil when making Italian struff though, and of course loads of butter in mashed potatoes.... mmmmmm.

i'd never spread lard on bread!!! margarine or butter are too yummy.


butter = bad, but tasty
lard = bad, with a yucky-sounding name

cooking oils are good for you, gel!

chicken fat is yummy, but you don't live long enough to enjoy it.

just eat it very, very kvickly!

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