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I bought my ticket to The Lion King!

After a brief panic attack where Broadway.com said the shows were sold out, I managed to get a ticket through Ticketmaster. Lalala! (I was gonna go watch The Producers instead, but when the new tickets opened up for TLK I just had to take them.)

I'm kinda confused about the whole thing and Ticketmaster doesn't let you see the seating chart (like Broadway.com does)... are Orchestra seats good? That doesn't put me in some hole with the orchestra, does it?

Bah, I don't care anyway!!!

I'm gonna see The Lion King! YAYYYYY!!

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My sister came lal the way from NZ to see TLK in Melbourne or Sydney whichever, and reckoned it was brilliant!!!! Worth seeing from the drainpipe if necessary.(I once saw 'Little Millie" from the drainpipe. She sung "My Boy Lollipop" waaay bax in the sixties)

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