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Wimbledon Is Eating My Brain
I love watching tennis. It's the one sport that I can watch for 3 (or 4) hours straight. Football (soccer) and basketball bore me to tears because I can't bear to watch a group of men run around like ants. But tennis! --more specifically, singles tennis--I just love watching the battle of wills. People slugging it out, trying to outwit each other, the intensity on their faces... Head to head battles, that's what I like. I'll even watch badminton and maybe even table-tennis (ping pong) because it's two people fighting without actually fighting. (Boxing and wrestling are out.)

So anyway, live Wimbledon coverage ends at about 4am over here.

I'm really tired.

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I love watching tennis.
Me too! Me too!! I don't watch the late night stuff though acos I can't keep awake, but I follow it. Go Lleyton!!
I watch every day when it's the Australian Open.
Clever stuff. Putting the ball where you want it to go, with all that speed, curve and slice on it.
Wimbledon is always ineresting because every year some of the favourites and top seeds get beaten early.
I would have liked to see Raphael Nadal go a bit further though....


Me is watching the second season of SPORTS NIGHT! Yes, you are right...I'm more in love with CAsey...hehe! =P ANd oooh...your sleepy icon really made me yawn, no no, not that it's boring, more so coz it's effectively sleepy! Hehe!

ha HAA!!! I tooooold yew. Casey is lovely. *sigh*

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