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I squished it!

I squished it DEAD!!

Princess Bride reference:

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Who ever said remorce was dead? :P

so what are you going to do with the giant spider now?

mebbe i could squish THAT too!

Well, I saw it creeping across the floor, so I grabbed the nearest thing (a large envelope) and went to attack it, but it ran under a bookshelf and hid. I saw it hiding down there but couldn't reach it, and would you know that our house doesn't have a single can of bug spray?! So I used disinfectant spray to scare it out, and it flipped on its back and I SQUEEEEEEESHED him. Ta DAAAA!

Cockrooches, I fear thee not!!

i've done that! By mistake. Grabbed what I thought was the flyspray and sprayed it with air freshener. Seems to slow them down enough to kill them other ways...
I thought you might have used your nice nearly new flip flops. When we first came to Oz, we were introduced to what we called *Jandals*, as 'cockroach killers'.
Of curse, over here they call them 'thongs'.


i'm terrified of cockroaches, especially if they're running / flying around. Can't stand the idea of one crawling on me, since one actually did when I was in the shower, and I was 10 at that time -.-"

Never been able to pluck up the courage to squish one. I wish I could, but the idea of cleaning up its squished out "stuffing" is another put-off factor.

Looks like I need to learn how to murder cockroaches. ZzzZ


Re: eeeeiiiiiuuuuuuwwwwwww

Ooooooh, brilliant idea!


*bax slowly awaz from Murder!Yoj*


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