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A cockroach dropped on my face this morning! (My face!!!) Then it dropped to the floor and sat there in the corner, waiting to be stomped on. But I didn't want to use my bare feet, so I went to go look for a magazine to whack it with. I didn't take 20 seconds, but it was gone by the time I got back.

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xiao qiang (was it flying? if it was, its da qiang) prob wanted to poo on your face.. your face is nice to it?

go..go.. sanitize it..


Nah, it kinda just dropped when I opened the bathroom door. I think it was taking a nap on the top of the door.

Yeah, I washed my face vigorously. :P

better you than me is all i say!

I've never had one on my face, but I have had them crawling up me. Yuk!! Sqwishy sqwishy.You need a big spider. :)

You need a big spider.


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