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The Art of Being
I've been asked several times how to be happy. Some tell me that they find it curious that I'm rarely upset beyond 10 minutes. If it's fake, then I'm really good at it, and if it's real then it's bizarre. Some ask me how I deal with all the crazy changes in my life without wallowing. How do I deal with death and change and being alone and accelerated growing-up? (And by accelerated growing up I don't mean that I'm wearing lipstick and eyeshadow and reading Cosmo - more like living alone, paying bills and starting investment accounts.)

Looking around, I see a lot of people driven by emotion, and it's killing them. And it confuses me sometimes when I see happy people in person and read their anguished blogs the same day. (Which leads to the question of whether my friends are being honest with me, but I suspect this is what most people do... and most people only journal when they're sad anyway.) Someone asked me how I've been handling the past year and a half of my life (recap: Dad dies at 48, Yoj grows up, Life happens, Mom is getting re-married, Brother is getting married, More Life happens, Yoj is moving to Australia, etc.) and why I'm not insane and torn up with conflicting emotions. It's not that I don't feel that life is moving really fast or that I'm happy all the time or that I'm emotionless... I just don't let it control me. It's a choice. I choose to control my emotions. I control them. I experience them, I feel them fully, and taste them exquisitely, but they are mine. They are mine, and not the other way around. They are mine, and I am God's.

Maybe it's just this knowledge that although I'm not in control all the time, it doesn't matter, because I know Someone Else is. And crazy as it may seem, I can be happy even when life screws me over because I know I'm loved. I'm safe.

And so I delight at the sun and am at peace in the storms. It's not about being happy, really. It's living every moment knowing that I'm totally safe, no matter what. It's joy.

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That, or you have unnaturally high levels of serotonin ;)

And so I delight at the sun and am at peace in the storms. It's not about being happy, really. It's living every moment knowing that I'm totally safe, no matter what. It's joy.

I admire that about you--your faith and your positive attitude. Though, really, I guess it all goes back to faith and loving the Lord, eh?


Beautifully put. I agree entirely.

I have this hymn running around in my head now.....

...but I can't remember the words.#There is joy in my heart...blah blah blah#...
And I guess I have the same attitude. I even expect to be looked after.....
Joy in the little things keep us happy. And I love your happy little witterings and sweet little piccies...


guess i'm one of those guilty of the "anguished blogs" thing...

personally, it's not that i mean to hide from you. but you're just such an infectiously happy person that having you around makes me forget about what's bugging me.

i think it's a good thing, because i can spend too much time picking at how i feel and why... >.<

anyway. looks like you were appropriately named. lol... XD


Awwww!!! *sniff*

Heh, your anguished blog is quite a good read anyway! :)

Yeah, y'know, I think my name may have something to do with it... I mean, y'know how they always say that the way you talk to children will affect them for life? And how words have power? Maybe with all the people yelling "JOY!" at me all the time has hammered it into my little bwain.

hoi!! hurhur.

aft readg your entry.. i feel so.. encouraged.

jst reminded how the Big Boss is in charge and not me.

thanks babe.
ill seeyoutmr!

-becca. (:

It's lal in the neurotransmitters, bebe

Wot borgseawolf and myng_rabbyt said. Beautifully put indeed.

Equally, you have an astounding ability to find peace, and the amazing thing is that it's genuine. Of course, God is the ultimate source of your joy, but I think you are an inherently happy person. Interestingly, I'd go so far as to say that would be much the same person independently of your faith (not "if you didn't have faith", but if you belonged to a different religion).

Of all the people I've ever known who have unshaken faith in God and inner strength thereby, you're one of the very few I've never seen as repressed or thought about to myself: "well, something's gotta blow someday!"

You're actually one of the most serene people I know. Did I ever tell you how much I admire that? If not, well, now you know. :-)


Re: It's lal in the neurotransmitters, bebe


I feel wuvved! lal the coompliments! (yay, i should write these sorts of entries more often.)

SERENE?! teehee!

*bats eyelashes demurely*

Thank you

You've made life a little clearer for me. Thanks.

Why, you're welcome.

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