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Exciting Trip Developments
In the midst of planning an extension of my US trip by a few days and flying over to NYC for a bit. What's good to do in NYC?

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Have supper with me at Viva Pancho!

With enough lead time, we might be able to get LurkingLaurie to come to town and make a proper moot of it.

She would also be a good source of touristy things to do, I think. Let's see... There are museums galore: MOMA for modern art, the Met for older art. And if you like loonycorns or tapestries, there are the unicorn tapestries (and other art from medieval Yurp) at the The Cloisters.

The American Museum of Natural History has a new exhibit on dinosaurs...

You can go up to the top (well, almost) of the Empire State Building. You can't go up to the crown or the torch, but you can go to the observation deck of The Statue of Liberty.

There are a lot of possibilities, really. What would you like to do?

Re: Have supper with me at Viva Pancho!


sounds good!!

What would you like to do?
honestly, all that! plus, watch a broadway moosicle.

I'll most probably get about 2 or 3 days in NYC, so we can definitely moot on one of them! not sure aboot the dates yet, although mid-July is aboot right, if the plans don't fall through. :)

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