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Why did the university mail me my exam results twice?

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Double Yer Stewdints

Double Yer Fnu
With DoubleNUS (DoubleNUS!) DoubleNUS Rum!

/me toasts yew

Nice format!


Re: Double Yer Stewdints

How eViol. I dknot this NUS needs more stewdints, tho. Hrm.

(Thank yew. yay readymades!)

Was your name exactly the same? I've had struff from the uni for both of me with different ways of addressing my name...

Yeh, it was exacterly the same. Although the first one had a letter aboot Commencement ceremonies and gowns and struff... and the 2nd one had the same letter attached, but a photocopied version. Weird...

Aha! Someone in Admin stuffed up. And sent out extra letters to cover it.....


me gots me results twice too!!! freaky man! i thought maybe they wanted to like, inform me they decided to add in MORE As out of sheer generousity, but nooo..twas the same!!! Haiz!!! Me guess NUS has too many staff, with too little things to do! Hmm, maybe should ask them to help clean me room! *evil Grinz*

yay GOOD! I'm glad i'm not the only one... really confused me! :P

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