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Well, the bank's "3 working days" has stretched to more than 1 week. So I most likely won't be able to go for the Urban Race (our church's youth*) camp because I'll have to do most of the visa-related things next week. Oh well, I paid, so at least I'll get the t-shirt.


I've started listening to P.O.D. again (who, along with Jars Of Clay, are one of the bands that I have followed since I was 12). They rock muchly. New album coming. Yay!

*"Youth" = Junior high to tertiary-age. It's a big gap. There are about 300 of us, I think.

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i'd never trust'em with my money! better to keep the hoard in the lair, is lal i say.

but your specially selected icon for the occasion lifts it a little, i must say.

*spies your icon*

lol XD


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