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Cleaning out the Closet!
In the course of cleaning out my wardrobe (as a pre-packing initiative), I found a P.E. shirt from Y4 (that's US third grade)... It was a "special edition" t-shirt that they'd made for International Day, with an Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa and a third thing that looks like a space ship splatted over the front of the school logo. Weird.

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There's no way i would have fitted into primary school clothes after high school!!

well, it either means that 1) I didn't grow much, 2) i was a reeeally fat primary schooler, 3)primary school clothes were big. :)

Yer logo loonks liek one from Star Trek!
Hrm, is taht yer nold Swatch on yer wrist or the gnu wotch?

Yesh, nuffink liek primary scllo clothes to say "Yowie is lal gwown up and going to graduate scllo!" (I know, it isn't rilly psotgraduate uni, but wotever.) I see wot yew mena aboot Toyz'B'Us!

Yew prolly shouldn't tell everybuddy taht yew thried on yer clothes from 3rd grade...
(Hehehe... "somewhere, nobuddy69's heead is exploding")


Re: I yam amazzled!

Star Twek?! maybe that's acos of the weird eiffel tower and everything over the top... this is the real logo:

That's my old Swatch.

Wot's wrong with wearing clothes from 3rd grade!? Hmmm?!

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