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Banks are Slow

Why don't they just say "a week" instead of "three working days"??

I need documents! I need to go to Australia! I need to plan my life!

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breatheee :|

hahha, I think the bank is trying to get you used to the even slower bank services here.. ROFL.


Maybe i'll not open a bank account over there. Just withdraw $$ from the ATM (using Cirrus) every couple of months from my S'pore account and hide the cash under my bed....

I never use anything but my ATM card overseas. It does have a Visa application even though it's only a debit card. I find it's cheaper than trying to deal with overseas currencies. Opening a bank account over here was pretty painless,we had one when we lived in NZ, don't know what they want now.
My Mum opened an account for me in NZ, and they want me to have an NZ tax file number. No Way!! am I going down that track. We got a tax clearance when we left NZ, and to have a tax file number would cause all sorts of extra paper work and enquiries from our tax dept.
They take all the interest because I don't have a tax file number, but the principal isn't touched.
Can you use your Cirrus card for Eftpos transactions? - and get extra cash on it? I find that works for me.

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