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Well well.

Church has turned itself into a theater and is doing a run of Godspell for the entire Good Friday/Easter weekend. Lots of shows, lots of people, lining up around the block. And it's pretty good. Just went to the Friday matinee, and it was good. The setting this time is a graffiti-covered skate park, the acting is good (as good as it can be with the choppy style that Godspell has), singing is good, the dancing better. I think maybe the singing suffered a little for technical sound-system reasons, although there were a couple weak notes hit by the actors who were more-dancer-than-singer... you could tell who the professional dancers were, heh. But all in all it was a good production. Not bad at all. The musical arrangements and all were superb, although perhaps they should rethink their genre choice of "metal" next time... the one "metal" attempt was kinda painful... valiant, though...

But yeah, it was cool. "All For The Best" was absolutely delightful.

I'm listening to the radio for the first time in months, and I now remember why I stayed away for so long. It's sooooooooo annoying. *shudder*

Oh yeah, I'm on Roaccutane now. DRUGGED OUT, dood!! I had to sign an agreement that I wouldn't get pregnant in the next 6 months. No bebes anytime soon!! Darnit.

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