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Pixelly Phone Photography!
My new phone has a camera in it. I used to think it was the dumbest thing ever, until people started playing with it and I realized that you can take a lot of pics with a phone that you usually wouldn't with a normal camera, even a digital one. And people are funnier with phone cameras than regular cameras that look like cameras. I'm not sure if this makes sense. But anyway, here's a sample of some phone photography...

The Brother & the GF... Defending Dessert

Drummer & Bassist looking for More Dessert

Alina's shot of the drums

Drummer, posing with No More Dessert

MirrorYoj, with some boy lookin suspicious.

Guitar gadgetry

Alina's shot of Yoj making noise

Not bad for a phone camera, eh?

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(Deleted comment)
new mirror-yoj is mighty cllo, too. never a bad word about cameraphones again!

I liek the CD bestest.


  • Yer borther loonks a bit liek yer dad.

  • I never seen his fiancee afore; she loonks nice.

  • Yew loonk liek yer havin' fun!
    Nice outfit, BTW.
    (For my next twick, I'll misteak YEW fer yer moomy!)

  • And as barahirion writted, yew are lal very qyooooot.



Nice TOp! =P

bwaha! only coz you helped me buy it... ;)

aiyo!! i look like a burnt giraffe!

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