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It's 3am. My mom was sleeping soundly in my room and I was creeping up trying to get to bed quietly without waking her and my foot caught hold of the power cable to my PowerBook (which was still on and running coz of BitTorrent) and yanked the whole thing off the table onto the chair, where it teetered for a while before the chair rolled and my foot kept moving and dumped the whole thing on the floor with such a huge crash that my mom woke up. Not to mention the fact that I screamed at witnessing my beloved PowerBook go crashing onto the tile floor. Panic all around at 3am - startled half-conscious mommy and screaming Yoj.

But I'm testing it out now and it still seems to be working okay...

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Thank God!
I lost a ThinkPad that way last month.
(An old Pentium III-800, T21, but still.)


Re: Yew is vert lucky!

yee, i know!! :)

*hugs powerboonk*

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