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Smoky Again
This time we had an all-girl barbecue - an English-Language-geek-girl-get-together... It's amusing trying to build a fire with charcoal. I'm sure charcoal is made of special non-flammable material. Anyway, we eventually had our fill of chicken and sausages and prawns and marshmallows and bananas-roasted-in-their-skins-until-they-blister-and-it's-all-nice-and-gooey-inside. Yummmmmm. It's fun having all-girl cookouts. We can be all messy and yuck and talk about girl things and giggle about our professors.

In other news, I am becoming more convinced daily that Britney Spears and Nick Carter are the same person.

I mean, c'mon!!

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Gril lawaz giggle aboot their porfesseurs! We talk aboot why they're soooo old and yet have such young children ("See, they studied so hard that they married late and had kids late and when they're 65 their kids are only gonna be 15... DON'T BE A PORFESSOR!! YOU'LL BE AN OLD MOTHER AND NURSE ARTHRITIS ALONG WITH YOUR BEBE!!") and why they dress weird... and which ones are weird and which ones we love and lalalaa.

Yes, it IS a scawwy picture. The TRUTH is scawwy.

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