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Smoky Again
This time we had an all-girl barbecue - an English-Language-geek-girl-get-together... It's amusing trying to build a fire with charcoal. I'm sure charcoal is made of special non-flammable material. Anyway, we eventually had our fill of chicken and sausages and prawns and marshmallows and bananas-roasted-in-their-skins-until-they-blister-and-it's-all-nice-and-gooey-inside. Yummmmmm. It's fun having all-girl cookouts. We can be all messy and yuck and talk about girl things and giggle about our professors.

In other news, I am becoming more convinced daily that Britney Spears and Nick Carter are the same person.

I mean, c'mon!!

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Sure, friend me and I'll friend you back. :)

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