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Okay, so I'm really annoyed.

I have issues with my visa application to Australia because they need to know my highest academic qualification, but I haven't officially gotten my degree from NUS yet, so I can't write "university"... but on the other hand, if I don't, then it looks like I've been unemployed for the past 4 years. So what do I do? And what do I do about this medical check up thing? (And I can't apply online because I'm applying to a college listed as "Vocational/Technical", and so unlike the other gazillion Sporeans who manage to apply online, I have to submit a paper application! Arrrgh!) So I just wanted to ask them over the phone--since I am NOT going to use one of those agencies just to answer 2 questions--and it would've taken, like, what - 3 minutes?

But noooooo.... the Australian High Commission has The Eternal Automated Phone Robot From Hell, with NO option to speak to a Human Being. It's "if the robot don't answer your questions, tough luck! Bwaha!"

And their office hours are 9am-12nn. THREE hours?! What do they DO?!


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... that there's a special provision for pending degrees.

Stay cool and remember, good things come to those who wait. Or something like that.


"what do they do?"

gee. maybe what they DON'T do (and don't want to either) is, sit around in the office waiting for someone to call? =P


Re: "what do they do?"

they wouldn't have to wait... just do some WORK. and pick up the phone when someone calls!! argh!

...if you *do* get a voice, it'll be someone with a Pakistani or Phillipino accent....they've outsourced everything lately.
Just put Uni on everything. By the time it's processed, it'll be through.

Just put Uni on everything. By the time it's processed, it'll be through.

oooh, that's true. yayyyy!

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