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I Am Stinky, Hear Me Whine!
So we went out for coffee and food at 11 and stayed out till about 2am. I hate the way sitting next to smoky people makes your hair and clothes get stinkypoo. Smoking is smelly and yuck and destroys the taste of salad.

In other news, my brother graduated today. He is now officially a Bachelor of Divinity. At one point he and his friends were walking around using their robes and hoods and pretending to be Sith/Jedi Harry Potter Knights. Fortunately, the Bishops didn't really catch on.

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Sith/Jedi Harry Potter Knights?

*so confuzzled*

Grats to yer wizardcwazy brudder lal the same.

(why is you using a winking icon for Bacehlors of Wizardry?)

Graduates they may be - but they're still kids at heart. May they never lose that gift....


Yaay! Corngrads to yer bro! luv nuruL

i can't believe those crazy sporean politicinas didn't laready ban smoking in public! norway's done it! *ireland*'s done it! get on their backs and get them off their lazy asses!

bwaha! I think it's banned in enclosed and air-conditioned places, but not in open air cafes. and they're still working on a ban on smoking in bars, enclosed or not.

lotses of smokers here... and it's not socially uncool yet. grrrrr.

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