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I went to the doctor today for a follow up on my December illness and all sorts of nasty things they'd discovered with my blood (cholesterol, bizarre liver function, other weird things)... and I AM HEALTHY NOW, thanks.

My cholesterol is in a very healthy range, and my liver is behaving perfectly normally now.

And all by just eating more veggies and switching from low-fat milk to skim. I didn't even exercise. (Okay, I know that's nothing to be proud of, but look at it this way - if I HAD exercised, I'd be even healthier, right? I'd be like Little Miss Fitness Head!)

Lots of good news this week. YAY!

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Lille Miss Fitness Head

Yay! Very glad to hear.

Keep up the good work! Well, the start of it.
Little Miss Fitness Head sounds like someone who would be chased by yngyl but end up kicking their spidery butts all over Nan Dungortheb. Like Yowie the Spider Slayer... or something.


I didn't even exercise.
I bet you did. You are young. I bet you rush everywhere and do bendy things that are impossible for eople my age.

No!! rilly!! i didn't!!!

okay, i rush a lot... but i don't do bendy things...

i jump aboot and skip sometimes, tho.

And good health is even better!

Glad to hear it, Yoj. That's a relief.


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