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Kingdom Of Heaven

First trip to the cinema in several weeks. Or maybe even months. I don't remember. Watched the midnight show, so only got home a bit before 4am.

But Kingdom Of Heaven wasn't a terrible way to get back into movies. It was pretty good. Flat and non-inflammatory, but a beautifully shot action flick with a bit of soul, nonetheless. Much better than I expected, but then I should've remembered that it was Ridley Scott. And it was very Ridley Scott... has exactly the same feel as Gladiator and Black Hawk Down -- same color palette, same camera angles, same soundtrack. Some of the same actors, even. Oh well. At least Lisa Gerrard wasn't on the soundtrack. (Not that I don't like her--far from it--but if she was it would've just been laziness on Scott's part. And it would've made me laugh.)

The siege of Jerusalem looked terribly like Helm's Deep at one point, and I half expected Orli Bloom to go surfing down the stairs on a shield.

Speaking of Orlando Bloom, that boy's getting good mileage from his LOTR swordfighting lessons, I must say. And he's turning out to be a far better actor than he was as the pretty elf. His turn at 'leading man' wasn't half bad at all, even though his transformation from blacksmith to baron was a little hard to take at first.

Now if only he'll get a good part in a movie that doesn't require him to wear ruffles or gold trim. Gah.

Well, all in all, it was money well spent (even though ticket prices have gone up again). Good fun - twelve of us eating fries and hot fudge sundaes at 11pm and then going to the movies, celebrating the end of uni. Now off to bed I go!

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