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One day out
Only one day out of looniversity and my brain's already going funny.

I was counting a moment ago. Counting the number of items on a list. I counted 13. I even pointed at each item as I went down the list, and got 13.

The number didn't sit right with me, so I counted again, and got 15.

I can't even count to FIFTEEN anymore.


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ahh hahaha.
joy cannot count.
why. tell me why joy. hurhurhur.

anyhows. jst popped by to say.. HI! haha.
how lame can that be? (:

oh. and i linked you to my blog. (:
chill babe.

*gives you tenure* 1

1 It is a strange fate that...

I should now feel entitled not only to spell out the word tenure, but to elucidate the principle that:

  • When one has forgotten one's calculus, one is ready for university.

  • When one has forgotten one's algebra, one is ready for postgraduate school.

  • When one has forgotten one's arithmetic, one is ready to become a faculty member.

  • When one has forgotten how to count, one is ready for tenure.

  • When one has lost the ability to make spatial judgements, one is ready for <your favorite administrative position here>.

... for such a small brain. Such a little thing.


tenure! and i haven't even gradutated xxet.


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