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Courtesy of BitTorrent, I just watched the series finale of JAG. That show's been on and off over here, but I've always had a soft spot for that show. I think it's the men in uniform and the fact that nobody slouches.

But anyway. At LAST - those two morons got together! After nearly a decade. Sheesh! (Sorry if this spoils it for any JAG-fans-who-haven't-watched-it-yet, but... duh.)

No more JAG! No more shiny white pants and salutes and planes and lawyerly wibbling...

Great ending, though. All warm and mushy... *sigh*

Now hurry up with the Veronica Mars and LOST already!!

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Re: The mostest unspoilery sp6iler... EVER.

I've seen it now! this was a nold psot!!!

catch up!!

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