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Courtesy of BitTorrent, I just watched the series finale of JAG. That show's been on and off over here, but I've always had a soft spot for that show. I think it's the men in uniform and the fact that nobody slouches.

But anyway. At LAST - those two morons got together! After nearly a decade. Sheesh! (Sorry if this spoils it for any JAG-fans-who-haven't-watched-it-yet, but... duh.)

No more JAG! No more shiny white pants and salutes and planes and lawyerly wibbling...

Great ending, though. All warm and mushy... *sigh*

Now hurry up with the Veronica Mars and LOST already!!

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I think it's the men in uniform - me too! I never went out of my way to watch it, but if it was 'there', and I was 'here' I did. I like Harm. I think he's smashing. That dude that played the Aussie guy was pathetic!

yes, he is rather nice (Harm)...

and yes, that Aussie wotsit was very, very bad. He was so annoying I wanted to punch him.

The mostest unspoilery sp6iler... EVER.

I haven't seen it yet, but I would have bet yew 2093842094820572 flokarini to 1 that they were gonna. Duh is wright!

Now, if yew wanna talk about Jack and Kate Sayid Claire Charlie ehh, skip it...

Haven't yew seen the gnu Lost (post-Boone funeral)?!

(Boone funeral == Booneral)

Re: The mostest unspoilery sp6iler... EVER.

I've seen it now! this was a nold psot!!!

catch up!!

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