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My LotR:RotK Extended DVD has gone amiss. I'm sure it's somewhere around the house. It was on the coffee table for several weeks at one time. Then someone must've put it away. I hate it when people put stuff away.

I wonder where it went.

I hate it when things get put away and then I can no longer locate things which I could very easily have locate in the mess. There is order in this chaos, I tell you!


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The worst place you can put anything is *in a safe place*.

Ain't it the truth, Gran!!!

Oi, if I had a nickel for every one of my "safe" things...



know how you feel... =/


if we cld security-tag every object in the house and have sth to help locate it when it goes missing... then we never have to worry abt someone putting it elsewhere XD

Of course, we'd have to worry abt what happens if it malfunctions... *uh oh*

anw, the many icons really suit you.


Re: we-live-in-chaos

Hehee, thanks! their driving me mad though, because I'm becoming obsessed with them.... more interested in the icons now than the actual entries...!

my godsister and i used to run around the house looking for the scissors... calling "Sciiiisssoooors..... oh SCISSSOOORRS!!!" hoping that they would come running one day. *sigh*

Re: we-live-in-chaos

i meant they're driving me mad, of course. they're they're they're.

-grammar dork

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