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Awesome day
We had a band meeting today, after the sound check. Talked stuff over, sorted stuff out. And then we got it together and the music kicked patootie. ElectricGuitarist is amaaaazing when there's another guitarist to support him with rhythm work. One of the sound guys joked "Oy... it's the Scorpions!" (Um... yay! I think... We'll rock you like a hurricane, baby.... um...)

Anyway. We do need a permanent second electric guitarist.

Oh, and B's new band, Donkey, in Munich is SO cool. Got some MP3s of their demo and they rock my socks.

And I love tang[1] yuan[2] with black sesame filling, in ginger tea soup. They're just so yummy and comforting and squishy and warm and yummy.

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Tang yuans are deleeeeeshus!

Yay! Blax sesame ones are my favorite too. Mmm.
Better'n chicken crack!

Glad to hear the band is going well. Cllo!

Yew haff knot defeeted me wif yer ultra-qyoot ikon!!
I shall retourn, cuter than afore!


Re: Tang yuans are deleeeeeshus!

You shlal never pwevail!!!!!

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