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This semester we had a really tough Morphology & Syntax module, and I was/am in real fear or failing it. I keep telling myself that I don't need to do particularly well, I just need to pass to graduate. Just pass... a D... I need a D... Aaaah, it's very unlike me to stress oot over school stuff since I've been a classic "coaster" since, well, kindergarten, but that was because I've never been in fear of failing a class. Until now...

So anyway, a little worrybug in my head was getting me anxious about the morphosyntax exam that's tomorrow (speaking of which, I should go to bed), and then I remembered:

1) The exam's only 30% of my grade. As much as I think my lecturer is insane, I love him for this. (Although it means all the quizzes and assignments that I screwed up over the semester are 70%....) Curve... grade on curve....

2) The exam is going to be based on English. No Dyirbal, no Warlpiri, no Tukang Besi, no Russian, no Irish, no Melayu Ambong. Which means, basically, no declension. For some reason the whole case-marking thing in inflected languages was driving me crazy. And there's none in English!!!


The exam's tomorrow. Well, later this morning.

I'm feeling much better now. I still like exams. I fried fish for dinner today. And then had to mop the kitchen floor to get rid of the sticky feeling. Why is fried food so much work? Grrrr. And Constantine Maroulis is out of American Idol!!! Well, tough luck - I suppose his fans weren't loyal enough... or maybe they had better things to do than vote 8362 million times. But whatever the case (CASE! aaaugh!), I'll miss his pouty face.

Good night.

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