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Is it worth it?
Nothing earthshattering, but:

I'm pondering getting a paid LJ account just so I can get more userpics.


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..just keep 'em in a folder and change 'em regularly. Though it is fun seeing the different icons alternating with the paid users...and you have such cute ones.

Only $5 for two months... it's been worth it so far. Now if only I could fix up my actual layout to be purdier, with all the bells & whistles paidfolk get. ;P

But yes... your icons are always adorable!

thanks! heh... i'm still thinking it over, since it makes most sense (to me) to buy a whole year... but I'm leaving the country in August and don't know what internet connection I'll have... HMMmmmmmmmmmmmm...

although i think it'll be fun to have more mood pics too.

I can't rilly tell yew

An a-nonny-moose friend gave me my first 2 months (Jan-Fen 2005) and then zengeneral decided to doom me with a whole YEAT.

I've noly ever paid for Ala's LJ thyme.


Re: I can't rilly tell yew

well, is it fnu having more userpics?

Re: I can't rilly tell yew

Yesh. But I yam a naddict, as yew will see in GJ soonishly.

I use GreatestJournal to test oat my userpics and to have a place to stash those beyond 15 that I want handy. Forget a ceiling of 15, or even 50; GJ gives yew 1000!

(Adn better xxet:
<CINQUE>Giveses us free! Giveses us free!</CINQUE>)


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