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Jack-Jack Attack

Jack-Jack Attack, the short film on the The Incredibles DVD, is hilarious. It makes me laugh every time.

It's a bad idea to take a nap in the afternoon and only wake up at 9.15pm. Then the whole night just seems like early evening and you're still walking around the house at 2am wondering what's going on.

On the way home from school today (first exam done!), I noticed this girl walking in front of me. She was wearing basically nothing. Well no, she was wearing a tiny little bandeau top and a tiny little flared skirt. Two lines of fabric, basically. In the middle of a city train station. Now, she had a fabulous ("just faaaaabulous dahling!") figure, and I couldn't help but stay several paces behind her and just observe the reactions of everyone else -- everyone who walked past her basically did a double take (even women) -- and the various expressions that she inspired... some men desperately trying to ignore her, women looking jealous, but most of them looking at her in wonder because being in a simultaneously dusty and damp train and bus interchange and sitting on public transport (under)dressed like that just cannot be comfortable, or hygienic. But the most hilarious thing was when she had to duck behind a newsstand and fix her clothes because her top was falling.

It's been really hot and really rainy for the past week (not unusual, this being a tropical island and all) and it's not pleasant. Hot and damp and intermittently muddy-dusty-muddy-dusty, and so buildings and vehicles have their air-conditioning turned up so high you have to bring a jacket with you wherever you go or you'll freeze your fingers off... Augh!! I'm glad I don't wear glasses now though, because it would be a nightmare walking in and out between frosty buildings/cars and the sticky humidity.

I've joined the extremely active Veronica Mars LJ community! I love that show. I really do. All the glorious snark. Only 3 more episodes!! (Speaking of TV, what has happened to LOST???)

I am SO bored.

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