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Wedding plans!
No, not mine. (Bwaha... made you look!)

Woke up early this morning to meet with the caterers and wedding planners for my Mom's wedding. Took a look at the chapel (which is also the chapel of Brother's college) and it's sooooo pretty. It's lovely as it is now, but should be really great with a few more floral flourishes. The roof is funky -- asymmetrical so that its profile forms the Chinese character ren[2] (person/human) from the outside.

Isn't it pretty?

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I didn't realize your mom was getting married! Many congrats!

Grats to Yojmum and her fiance!
A most lovely wedding and happy marriage to them.

Yew did knot make me loonk!
(Aye gno yer gettin' mawwied in Vegas, memember?!


Yew did knot make me loonk!

Did too!

Aye gno yer gettin' mawwied in Vegas, memember?!

asymmetric buildings generally are really cool.
when they actually mean something - woo, i mean, how can you tear yourself away from looking and actually enter the place?

Re: love da funk!

well, actually, you can only see it from the outside if you're waaaay outside - down on the street or even anywhere further away, coz the building is at the top of a little hill, and this chapel is on the 4th storey rooftop, surrounded by a rooftop garden....

Congrats to your Mum. I'm glad she's moving on positively. Do you get on with him OK? Easy to talk to?

of curse! and he's...


So, is your Mum going to live *there*, or does he live where you are now anyway? Or is there a 'commute' possibility....Mmmmmmmm.
And, on another level - where are you going to 'be' in Sydney?
Emaul me when you know.....

Re: Oooooooooh...

it loonks liek they're gonna be going bax and froth. although who knows.

in Sydney, i'll be in the Castle Hill area. dknot know the exact spot yet.

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