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Democracy, briefly.

Why is it that the whatsits of American Idol make a big deal about voting ("Vote!" "You gotta vote!!" "You can't complain if you don't VOTE!" "Have we told you to VOTE yet?!") and then whine when the results are in? People vote to show their opinions. That's the POINT. So why do the judges and Ryan Seacrest and all ask "Do these people DESERVE to be in the bottom three?" and "Did America get it RIGHT?" There is no right!! There is only Most Popular! If we wanted the winner to be the "right" choice (according to them), we would get a panel of music pros and let them choose. But that's not the point. American Idol is supposed to be some sort of search for a "star", and as much as Randy Jackson disagrees, it is NOT about the singing. It is about charisma and attractiveness, and then technical prowess. Being a star is about knowing how to work your image and then using it to get your artistic whatever out. (That's the thing that makes a grimy bum like Constantine shiny and sparkly.) Democracy is a popularity contest, and you can hope that the hoi polloi agree with the hoity-toity, but if they don't, too bad. I can't believe the amount of whining that goes on when people don't like popular opinion, and can't imagine how insulting it must be to the people who the public have chosen. This is what happens when people vote. I mean, Anthony Fedorov is an appalling singer with no versatility to speak of, but somehow some people like him and vote for him, so he is entirely deserving of his place in the competition and he is indeed Right and Deserving, because he is Popular. It doesn't matter that he can't sing!! In fact, he's probably the cleverest of all the contestants, with his immense talent of disguising his lack of technical ability under thick layers of sweet politeness, American Dream rhetoric, and white-blond hair. Similarly, superior performers like Nadia Turner (despite her penchant for looking like she is undergoing surgery when singing) are absolutely deserving of being kicked out, because they simply FAILED to garner the support of fourteen-year olds who can be bothered to sit for hours pressing 'redial', voting five thousand and twenty six times. The popular, not the skilled, deserve to win, because voting is entirely about popularity. This is obvious. This is democracy. I would've thought that being Americans, they would've understood this basic concept by now.

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