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Did you know...
...that I've been wearing the same watch nearly every single day for more than 10 years? I got this watch in Year 5 (US 4th grade). I realized that recently, but really can't be bothered to fork out the cash for a good new watch. And anyway, why replace it if it ain't broke? Although it is a 10-year old's watch. But it doesn't look that childish. I mean, it doesn't have Hello Kitty on it or anything. It's dark blue and green with fuchsia details. I remember thinking it was hideous when I first got it, but I got used to it.


My brother says I should write to the Swatch people about my devotion to my watch and maybe they'll make an ad with me in it.

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I had a couple of Casio ultra-thin wristwatches (ultra-thin for men is only medium-thin for women) that I wore for seven years. Only 3 sets of batteries, too!

Swatch. Wow, that takes me back.
You should be in a Swatch ad. Get more mileage out of your BBC RP accent!


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