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The Nickname Meme (from banazir)
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Tell me about one of your most interesting nicknames. It can be telling, whimsical, romantic, zany, or even an epithet if you feel like sharing. Explain who first coined it and when. Do you like it? Why or why not?

Pakistan. Coined when there was a coup d'etat in Pakistan (Musharraf) and being as sensitive of international politics as we were, the Indian boys in class thought it was soooooooo amusing that "coup" is pronounced the same way as "Khoo" (my last name) and therefore started calling me Pakistan. I got used to it.

The end.

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... in wot dialect is Chiu/Qiu/Khoo pronounced "koo"?
Cantonese? Or is taht an Anglicization?


Re: Wlokaz, but...

Hokkien (Fujian), methinks. But I'se laso got some Peranakan background, so it could be the Malay influence too.

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