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Wagga wagga!!!
I've got a cold!!!! Sniffly, coughy, sneezy, nose drippy!!! WAAAGH!

I hear some of the other vocalists in church are under the weather too... I am now officially suspicious of our microphones.

Also, I've got a new word: wagga wagga. Okay, it's not really a word, but now I seem to be blurting it out spontaneously all the time. Especially in times when I'd normally go "Like, whatEVER!" (or when I'd do it in my head)... now it comes flying out of my mouth in the form of "Wagga wagga!" It's fun!

I bought the VeggieTales Veggie Rocks CD. It's cracking me up. Lala! Today was a good day. Had a presentation in school, a completely free afternoon, then hung out with Jenn... we went to buy CDs and eat Japanese fast food at MOS Burger (the BEST fast food-ish burgers in Asia - everything's really fresh, and not to mention the fact that it's soooo Japanese... the next best fast food burgers I've had after In-N-Out... with a Japanese twist), then for dessert (warm chocolate fudge cake and a pot of tea) at a nicer restaurant. Lovely.

Oh, and did anyone watch American Idol? Is Constantine not the most hilarious thing on two legs? His incessant flirting with the camera cracks me up every time. But really, his My Funny Valentine rocked my socks. Well done, nasal pseudo-rocker shameless flirt boy!!

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Isn't "wagga wagga"...

... wot the tauntauns saz in The Empire Strikes Back?
Go adn listen if yew have the tape or a DVD!

Get 'me to change the foam covers and wash 'em! Them foamy covers are virus traps.

MOS burger: when I think of edible MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor), I think of very tronkie food.


Say that *here*! and they'll send you there.
It's a real place. Not all that far from Sydney either......

oooh! it is?! YAY!!

Wagga wagga!!

oooh! it is?! YAY!!
yip. South of Cootamundra and north of Wodonga....

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