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Another Relic from the Archive Of Qyoot

Yojling - 1984

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*dies from the qyootness*

Those big eyes. Were you tiny? The moppets we saw at the Chinese New Year festival were soooooooo small.

hmmmm. i dunno if i was tiny. i prolly was. i was a small kid. until i became a chubby kid. but stlil shrot and toddly...

The giant bebe heead!

Hokay, yew win. :-D


dknot be meen aboot me giant bebe head!!!!

I knot.
Seeeeeww qyooooooot!


And from the look of the feet on that outfit, it was either brand new and you had just been plopped against the wall, or you weren't walking yet.


Re: Aw, how sweet!

i was wondering what i was doing plopped against a wall too...

Re: Aw, how sweet!

ah ha - my mother has shed light on this picsher..

it was a new outfit and they had a camera handy and figured they'd take a picture... but couldn't figure out how to pose it, so they just propped me up against the wall.

heh. :)

LOL! If the camera wlil knot p6int at the bebe...

... then prop the bebe against a wall! Porblem solved!

Why has yew gont a blax square as yer default icon??


Re: LOL! If the camera wlil knot p6int at the bebe...

eets knot a blaque square! i'm EEN EET, hiding in the shadowy wings.

adjust your scween, mon!

Oh, yee. Now I see yew.

Yew and yer high-gamma Macs. :-P

Thassa nice picutre! But why's it sew dark? Are yew practicing to become a blarong?


Lawks, but you are painfully cute! *falls over from cuteness*

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