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...evades me.

I know I should be getting to bed, since I have school tomorrow morning.

Or at least I should be working, because I have two assignments due on Tuesday, and if I don't do them now, I'll have to do them both tomorrow.

And I was planning to start on them today, actually, but ended up spending the whole day doing laundry, walking around, drinking water, and making this very tasty oven-fried chicken which was breaded with... ground up Grape-Nuts, rosemary, salt, and dried chilli powder. Oh, and I ate chocolate ice cream with Grape-Nuts, since we ran out of toasted oatmeal. It's not too bad either. There's something appealing about the gravelly nature of Grape-Nuts, (which for you people out there who aren't into cereal, is a breakfast cereal made of neither grapes nor nuts.)

Procrastination, procrastination.

I even did ironing.

Ok, going to walk around the house a but more.

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No sleep, procrastination

No sleep, despite classes the next day.
Procrastination in the face of accumulating pile.
Chores and walking in place of avoided work.

Yoj... are you turning into me?!

Get to werk afore taht pile becomes insurmountable!


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