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...evades me.

I know I should be getting to bed, since I have school tomorrow morning.

Or at least I should be working, because I have two assignments due on Tuesday, and if I don't do them now, I'll have to do them both tomorrow.

And I was planning to start on them today, actually, but ended up spending the whole day doing laundry, walking around, drinking water, and making this very tasty oven-fried chicken which was breaded with... ground up Grape-Nuts, rosemary, salt, and dried chilli powder. Oh, and I ate chocolate ice cream with Grape-Nuts, since we ran out of toasted oatmeal. It's not too bad either. There's something appealing about the gravelly nature of Grape-Nuts, (which for you people out there who aren't into cereal, is a breakfast cereal made of neither grapes nor nuts.)

Procrastination, procrastination.

I even did ironing.

Ok, going to walk around the house a but more.

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