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My subscription for RELEVANT has been totally lost by the stupid distributing company. I've had it with their stupidness. First, they charged me TWICE for a one-year subscription, and so I asked them what was going on, and so they said "Oops" and extended my subscription to 2 years. (And I let that go because I didn't mind having a 2-year subscription anyway.) So it's supposed to expire in May/June 2005. But I haven't received anything since last year. So I decided at last (since I give them a little time coz US magazines are usually pretty bad at sending stuff out here, often because they think that Singapore is in China) to go do some checking at the "Subscriber Services" online. Right. Now they have no record of my email address. No record of my name or address. Basically no record of me having a subscription at all. They ask me to key in my "account number", which should be printed on the mailing label of the magazines I receive. This would be dandy, if the last magazine I received hadn't come 6 months ago, and I hadn't thrown the label out, because to keep it would've just been dumb.

Stupid stupid stupid stupid!

And I do so like the magazine.

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Oh, yuck. That's not cool at all. :( And of all times! When Mute Math is on the cover! *chides RELEVANT* mine still hasn't come yet, and they have no excuse, as I live in California. tsk.

i know!! mute math! cover! aaaugh!!

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