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New icon!
Because my mom said my other one was yuckypoo.

Those are my pink curtains!!!

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It looks like you're flirting with me! ;) I liek it!

(Deleted comment)

they is PINK! and they is CURTAINS!

never shlal i censor myelf just coz some eople is durty!

(Deleted comment)
..is 'pink curtains' related to 'Jade doorway' then?

'tis qyoot! The best aspects of yer gween lalien pic with Hyooge Lalien NeyesTM and... curtains! Never thought I'd like pink. But this one gets a thumbs up from me (yee, the Nindian soft drink!)

BTW, Gran! And Jes! Y'all are pervy.
*blinks impervyously*


;-) You looks like a cheeky little monkey...

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