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  1. I have finished all my term papers and projects and whatnot for this semester.

  2. We bought an AMAZING stainless steel combination convection oven grill microwave with a 42 litre capacity for our new kitchen.

  3. My new bathroom is soooooooo purty.

  4. The Urban Race band is really pulling together and having a blast.

  5. I completed my 5-day fast with no problems and my first meal was a Happy Meal, where I got a little Astroboy toy.

  6. I got a Dave Brubeck CD in the mail.

  7. My new bedroom is going to have two dark blue walls.

  8. Church is giving us subsidized tickets to The Passion.

  9. It's before midnight and I'm going to BED.

  10. My life is fun!

Good night!!

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