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With all the news of upcoming weddings in my family, the most common question people ask me now is:

"So, when's your turn?"

Complete with silly grins.


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::hugs:: I get much the same from my family. "You have a boyfriend yet?" is the most common question. ::rolls eyes::

(you could always tell them you're engaged to a Canadian Mountie with a wolf... ;P)

hahahaa! I don't think they'd fall for that. Although that doesn't sound too bad. i think marrying a dude who is gone for a lot of time at a go wouldn't be too bad. lots of space. HMMMMM.

plus, you get a deaf wolf out of the deal. or partial custody of one, at any rate. :)

(Deleted comment)
If she's gonna mawwy somebuddy in Vegas, she should ataleast mawwy Benton Fraser. Or... *drumroll* moi!

Thani is right, Yoj. Go for the deeaf wolf.
(Just tell them wot I tell them: you're wauting for your pwincess in shining armor. Or your prince in glass slippers, as the case maz be.)

Oh, or just show them a menacing-yet-huggable photo of Locke and say he's your snugglebunny.


or just show them a menacing-yet-huggable photo of Locke and say he's your snugglebunny

that is twisted.

we could walaz get married in Vegas, whilst you're in country in a few months.

i'm knot gonna be there fro a few months nazmore!

it's gonna be hello L.A., and then bax to Sporea. My moosic festival dates have been moved, so i have to be bax in Sporea asap. So now i'm not even sure if I'll get to go to the east coast. BUT... since the happy couple will prolly be in Murkia a lont, i should have a lont more chances to be visitng Murkia in the coming years. I maz even get me a gween card!

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