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...is Single Awareness Day (S.A.D.) and I'm highly amused at the price of flowers.

I never understood Valentine's Day. I can't fathom why one day a year girls think it's somehow their right to get chocolates and flowers. Why don't the men get to whine and cry when their girlfriends don't get them stuff? Sometimes I pity men. The pressure!

And celebrating 'love' (or something like it) only one day a year is pretty stupid too.

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Do not try to understand, just go and buy stuff.

nooooooooo. must wait til the 15th..... then lal the choklits will suddenly become cheeeeeeap.

But, but... not buying stuff on Valentine's Day is unpatriotic, undemocratic and just plain wrong!

Just say "Unamerican"...

... and you have all three covered! *beams*

Celebrate hate once a yeat!
Hatwed of Hewlett-Paxard printers!

And spink fro yerelf, Yowie, I cwy every yeat when grils dknot get me struff. :-P


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