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I just read that Jars Of Clay (the band) has been around for 10 years.

I've been a "fan" of (well, bought everything of and followed the general movements of) a band for 10 years. I have listened to a band's music for 10 years. I bought their debut album when it was originally released. Ten years ago. Ten years.

This makes me feel strangely old.

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Ahh...but we ARE old!!! An OLD age of 22. Hehe! Good thing we look younger than 16! MUahkakakakakakaka! Ah...the joy of a youthful face! :)
Luv NuruL

I don't want to look younger than 16!!!!

I want to look 18!

all the fun stuff without all the responsibilities!!


And everrrrrr.....


(Deleted comment)
wot teh patootie is rong wif yousa spellgn?

youse trying to be kewl?


We am old indeendy.


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