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It's outta my hands now!
Mailed my application for Oz today.


In other news, I GOT $250 OF FREE MONEY TODAY!

$100 from travel insurance coz of our delay in India (actually it was soooo annoying coz it's $100 for every block of 12 hours, and we were delayed by something like 22 or 23 hours! GRRR!) and the other $150 from leftover trip money, which I suppose isn't really 'free money' since we paid it in the beginning to go on the trip, but hey, it feels like free money.

Just in time for Chinese New Year clothes shopping!!


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Lala! You'll get in. Regards to carida_46 adn Dlanod!
And... oh, poo, I've frogonten the other two OzTEUNCs. Revo? Somebuddy else...

Nazwaz, found money is fnu munny!


Where where where????Woohoo!!

:-( Dlanod is in Sydney, but it's a loooooong way from me and Demos and Michael(not that we hear much from Michael anyway)...

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