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Ball of Confusion
Why can't the world agree on how to write dates?

It's dd/mm/yy, for goodness' sake! WHY would anybody write it mm/dd?? It doesn't make sense! Units should go in some sort of small-to-big or big-to-small order, and mm/dd/yy is just silly.

And it makes people confused!

Turns out Vanessa's birthday ISN'T today!

All the panic for nothing!!!


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dd/mm/yy isn't y2k compliant, you know.

I don't tend to write dates in either dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy format unless I'm filling out a form where each segment is clearly labelled.

I'm enough of a geek that I actually prefer yyyy/mm/dd, and will use that if I can. Otherwise, I tend to spell (or abbreviate) the month. Either 3 Feb. 2005 or Feb. 3, 2005. Doesn't matter to me.

Enjoy your 27 day reprieve for Vanessa's birthday!

Re: dd/mm/yy isn't y2k compliant, you know.

yeah, i usually write yyyy/mm/dd too when I save my documents and stuff, or spell out the month when writing. But this mixup occurred coz of Excel... If you type "2 Mar 1981", it instantly changes it to "3/2/81"...

Veeeery eeeeeeritating...

Re: dd/mm/yy isn't y2k compliant, you know.

Hmm... My version of Excel seems to pull from general Windows settings.

If you're using Windows, go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, Regional (Settings or Options), and click on the date tab.

What does the short date format look like?

My guess would be that it looks like M/d/yy, and you might want to change it to something more in line with the way you expect to the dates to look. (dd-MMM-yyyy, perhaps?)

Re: dd/mm/yy isn't y2k compliant, you know.

using a Mac OS X... :P

actually when i open up the time/date stuff, it shows it quite clearly as "Friday, February 4, 2005"... ok, now I've customized my date formats... i wonder if it'll affect Excel.



tee hee!

Re: dd/mm/yy isn't y2k compliant, you know.


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