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Third time's a charm
Episode 1:
Malaria pill overdose in India.
Puked guts out.
Got better.

Episode 2:
Food poisoning from broccoli and cheese that went funny.
Puked guts out.
Went to hospital for 2 nights.
Got better.

Episode 3:
Got an atypical bacterial infection and another viral one on top of it.
Puked guts out.
Ran a fever of about 39.4C (103F).
Went to hospital for SEVEN DAYS.
Got better.

So yeah, now I'm back.

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Stop eating, Yowie.

Well. Um. On second thought, you can eat CHOKLIT. If it has been sterilized. Here, pop it in this autoclave. It'll be a little crispy, but hey, carbon prevents dehydration. Two bluddy galahs with one stone, bebe.

(I'm very glad you're OK.)


Maybe you should stop eating at McDonald's, you know. I did. Never had any problems since.

But it's great to see you didn't get washed away. I was about to hijack a plane and tell them to set course for yonthar. Then I'd demand they found you or I'd start shooting the passengers.

I am Zolthar! I am also Madame Mysterio.

::hugs:: glad you've gotten better!!

Get some rest, go easy on the grease and beer! J/K! I'm glad you're feeling better! *hugs*

*sqweeze* *huggle* - very gently acos I can feel bones!!
Your Moomy will look fater you now. :-)
Junket. My Mum used to give me junket when i was convelescing. I liked it. No idea *what* it is. :-/

Something I never noticed afore...

I *love* puke-stories!!! So much emotions...

*HUGS* Glad to hear you're OK. WB!!!

how do you stay so funny?
hope you're better now. that was awfully suay.
btw, lurun passed me ur blog addy.

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