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Just got back from 2 nights at the hospital. Friday evening I started barfing nonstop (9 times in 4 hours) and so decided enough was enough and perhaps the hospital was the place to go.

Anyway, I was diagnosed with drug allergy/drug poisoning + food poisoning. Hooray! And the doctor told me to stop taking the malaria medication if I valued my life. YAY!

The hospital had cable, which was nice. I managed to watch most of The Bourne Identity (except the last 20 minutes, which perhaps defeats the purpose) and all of What A Girl Wants, which is much less exciting, but features a very lovely Colin Firth.

Anyway, I'm back. I think I'll be getting myself rested now though. I don't think I've ever puked so much in the span of a month. I was puking before India, in India, and now after India. Uuuughh. I'm getting really good at it, even though now the backs of my teeth are beginning to feel all corroded and bulimicky.

Bulimicky. There's a word for ya.

Off to bed! Doctor's orders!

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Rest - no ifs, ands, buts, implications, or if-and-only-ifs


I didn't know you were still taking it! Eeeek.
Yes, getting off the meds is a good idea.

Feel better soon!


Rest well, young yodge. You'll need to reline that tummy of yours' too. Lots of nice alkaliny things..

Lawks, Yoj! I hope you'll be better, soon! That's awful!

I spent three months throwing up nearly every morning my senior year in high school, so I know how you feel. Turns out it was a psychosomatic response to a buttload of stress (Mom being diagnosed with breast cancer, lots of schoolwork, having to help my dad with my siblings, etc.).

I hope you're feeling better. Get lots of rest, and we're praying for you!

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