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A Little Bit Of Puke Never Hurt Anyone

Well, I'm back from India. Some highlights:

1) Overdosing on malaria medication (on the recommendation of a really dumb pharmacist) and being so nauseated and weak and dizzy that I was unable to eat anything or stand up straight for two days. And was left feeling vaguely nauseated for the rest of the week.

2) Cheering as our group played soccer with polio-stricken children. They won. But only because they had crutches and beat our legs. And we were outnumbered 2 to 1.

3) Going to a slum and playing with the kids and washing the people's feet.

4) Learning how to build a house.

5) Being delayed for 22 hours in Hyderabad and getting to stay in a really nice hotel suite courtesy of Air India.

6) Getting 2.5 hours of sleep in 72 hours.

7) Speaking in a church and then doing action songs with the kids. They were SO CUTE.

8) Seeing the faces of 200 orphans as we gave them new sets of clothes for Christmas.

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